3 Keys to Strong SEO and a Page 1 Google Ranking | The Game Has Changed

In this video I talk about 3 keys to strong SEO and a Page 1 Google ranking. I got started in online marketing and blogging and ecommerce back towards the tail end of the MFA or made for Adsense days.

Back then technology wasn’t to the point that search engines could kind of intuitively tell what you were searching for and what content and sites people actually liked. Back then it was all about racking up backlinks and stuffing as many keywords as possible into your blog or site.

Well things have come a long way since then and these days, while I woudln’t say SEO is dead, SEO is no longer about keyword research, keyword stuffing, keyword density, etc. It’s about quality content that people engage with.

If you notice even Alex Becker has kind of dropped the whole SEO thing and is now pushing people to sell ,000 per month in cat earrings and wolf mugs. The days of gaming the system with SEO are in large part dead.

I think the 3 keys to Strong SEO and a page 1 Google ranking are…

1. Content
2. Consistancy
3. Time

Content drives traffic, people read content and engage with content. Consistancy, if your creating content consistantly you’ll create a strong Google ranking and three time. Over time with consistancy you will have a huge amount of content on the internet, you’ll have a huge amount of backlinks, you’ll have a huge amount of traffic and in turn will find yourself ranking very high on Google.

I used to obsess about keyword ranking and get frustrated I wasn’t rising as fast as I wanted to. I tried hacking the system, I tried gaming the system, but all along I was also creating content like a mad man and just this afternoon I checked in on some search terms I focus on and to my surprise I had 4 rankins on the first page of Google. One of them being a video which was ranking which is especially powerful.

Anyhow guys, watch the video for my whole spiel but that’s my word for the day. I’m out.

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