3 Vital Steps For Effective SEO

3 Vital Steps For Effective Search Engine Optimisation

Google, Bing and other search engines handle billions of searches every day. If you rank well in their search results, your website traffic will increase significantly with the best kind of visitors; people looking for your products ready to buy.

So what can you do to be found at the top of the search listings?

1. Start with Effective Keyword Research

Your starting point is identifying the right keyword phrases. The goal is to find the phrases people are using in good numbers, but are not overly competitive. Neglect this phase of your SEO plan and you could be focussing your activities in completely the wrong direction.

2. Implement a Content Plan

Now you know what keyword phrases to target; you are ready to start creating content which demonstrates to the search engines that your website is a relevant source of information.

Key to this phase of your SEO plan is to make sure the phrases you are targeting can be found on your website and blog. Take care not to over use your keywords however; ‘keyword stuffing’ can work against you.

3. Acquiring Inbound Links and Social Proof

Finally, demonstrate to the search engines that your content is not only relevant, but also trusted. This can be achieved by having your content linked to — or recommended — from other websites. The more genuine inbound links your website has, the more likely the search engines are to recommend your content in their results.

Social media websites are beginning to play an important part in this process as well by providing ‘social proof’ for your content as it gets talked about and shared across their networks.

In conclusion, be consistent and patient — while you may not see results over night, you will gradually see an increase of visitors, leads and ultimately new customers.

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