14 thoughts on “Austin City Limits Web Exclusive: NINE INCH NAILS “Satellite”

  1. I can't understand how some of those people standing in the front row are just standing there looking. How can one not dance or clap your hands or tap your foot or rock your head or bounce or just sway back and forth or side to side or move in some way to this jam. The band is killing it. How dare ACL cut this from the broadcast and have it only as a web exclusive. Hell, isn't it a TV show. Satisfy your TV audience damn it. Even though this show aired a couple years ago, it still runs. In fact it was aired just last week, with this performance missing.

  2. The drummer does not miss a beat on just over 3min. It's called a break. Or a fill…even if nothing is in the fill except for a staccato bass drum pedal. Know your music before making wrong technical comments mate.

  3. This is being done to real people. It is called artificial telepathy and it is government sponsored destruction of someone's life.

  4. PS I own that TASCAM and had never thought to use it like an instrument. I have been awoken AGAIN by Trent.

  5. Just over three mins the drummer ever so slightly misses the loop. I love that their stuff is REAL.

  6. trent reznor kicks gene simmons ass!!!! i love kiss but i'd kill to see nin live…….. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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