How Search Engine Optimization Helps Your Business Plan

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You have probably heard several “rags to riches” stories about individuals who have succeeded in their respective Internet marketing careers. From their “makeshift offices” located on the basements of their homes or bedrooms and a personal computer unit that is almost “outdated”, they are now earning thousands of dollars every month and building an “Internet marketing empire” that is expected to deliver several hundred thousands to a whopping seven-digit annual revenue.

1:37 Using search engines in your internet marketing strategy
1:42 create content consistently and follow best practices
1:49 choose WWW or non WWW for your preferred version
1:57 verify site ownership in webmaster tools
2:03 perform a background check for your domain name
2:10 use “fetch as googlebot” to see what google sees
2:17 include analytics code
2:25 consider your site design strategy
2:31 use keywords naturally
2:45 optimize each page using 5 key elements
2:53 create great content that is indexable and searchable
2:59 keep load time under 2 seconds
3:06 share on social media to create buzz

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