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Warrington SEO Company Big Boom Marketing understands that before you invest in any digital campaign to attract customers you need to set the groundwork

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Can you build a castle without foundations? In fact the bigger the castle you want to build the deeper the foundations need to be.
There’s no point in spending money on SEO, PPC, Social Media and all the other online strategies if you don’t first build your foundations.
So what is the foundation?
The foundation to any business is its Reputation. It always has been and always will be.
Imagine a customer having a choice of 3 companies to work with. Each has a similar service with a similar price.
One has 22 5 star reviews, another 3 and the third has none. Which company would you call?
Then take it a step further. Imagine if those 22 5 star reviews appeared across many social media sites, video sites, business directories etc.
Now your business is really on the move! You are really using your reputation to attract more and more customers.

As Albert Einstein said “What Good is a Reputation not shared?”

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From our origins as a SEO Company working with Warrington companies we have developed to offer the 5 most successful customer generation services for businesses across the UK:

Reputation Marketing
Adwords PPC
Video Marketing
Social Media (Linkedin / Facebook)

SEO (search engine optimisation) is still at the forefront online lead generation. What could be better than appearing on the 1st page of the search engine results for a term people use to find the services you offer?
What if somebody typed in the word ‘dentist’ and BOOM – your dental practice appears right in front of them.
What if you knew 1700 people every month were doing exactly the same search.
How many do you think would become new patients?
Well, if you have a great reputation – not just on your website – but spread across the internet it can double or treble the numbers of new patients.

Today, SEO is a longer term commitment. An attempt to disassociate with past SEO practices is evident in today’s terms like ‘brand optimisation’, web optimisation’ or ‘web presence optimisation’ but in essence they are all still trying to achieve the same thing – high search engine ranking.

A website needs good branding – great content, influential backlinks, social signals and an ongoing effort to propel it to the high rankings that prove so beneficial for business.

70% of companies still rate SEO as their number 1 online strategy to generate leads. Once you attain high search page rankings your business could be seen by hundreds, maybe thousands of buyers every day.

SEO is true ‘inbound marketing’- people are searching for you, not the other way round, so are far more likely to become a customer. When they find you they need to see a great reputation.

What hasn’t changed is the fact that Some businesses will NEVER benefit from high rankings in the search engines.
Will your business benefit? Call us to find out. we can tell you whether you are on the right track or ‘flogging a dead horse’

Big Boom Marketing is an ethical Warrington SEO Company employing tactics to ensure your business website is not penalised in any way.

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