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At Badgett Web Design, we include Search Engine Optimization in our web design packages In the video I talk about how to approach WordPress website search engine optimization with a web design company.

Real search engine optimization is not about gaming the system. It’s about figuring out how search engines index a website, and know what search terms to rank your responsive wordpress website for.

What is search engine optimization? It’s really just a way of communicating behind the scenes exactly what your website is all about.

For example if you have a photography website, and your site consists of mostly images with no text, a search engine like google may not be able to tell what your site is all about so you may have trouble ranking your photography website in a google search. You need to make sure all the images, content and pages have what’s called meta data information to tell google what type of website you have and which search terms should draw people to it.

Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be complicated. We include seo in all our web design packages and give you a search engine optimization plan moving forward and offer to do more seo for you in the future if that’s what your business seo or personal seo needs are.

Cheers to high quality ethical search engine optimization.

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